Litigation Case Management System is a software to be Developed by Creative Garage (CG) team with the help of Senior Law experts. This software cover almost all the requirements of a Litigation Case for the Date of Start till End and the CG team proudly challenge that this system reduce the management burden of the Law Department of OPF remarkably. This Presentation covers the major functionalities and screen shot of this to-be Developed software.

Our platform gives you a reliable, direct way to track and monitor the status of multiple lawsuits from beginning to end. It brings together all the functions you need to stay ahead of due dates, save and retrieve critical documents, store relevant data, and reduce the budgetary impacts of any legal action. The tracking and following-up of tasks required to meet tight litigation deadlines. The system alerts you whenever new litigation is received and delivers your legal documents electronically into a secure, online system. LCMS ensures that your in-house legal team or outside counsel can review litigation-related documents as soon as possible, act quickly, and begin to take steps to reduce your exposure.